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Code of Conduct

This contains all information for site rules and regulations.

Other Video Games

We have a dedicated forum for other video games, please use that forum and the respective official threads for those games. Do not troll in PES related threads and news articles about other games. Users who continue to do this will be booked for spamming and trolling.

This includes but not exclusive to other football games such as FIFA.

As with any forum posts and threads made in incorrect areas may be moved or deleted by referees. To make the forum easier to navigate for all users please keep your posts on topic and in the correct areas. If there is no Official thread or forum and you feel we would benefit from having one then please make a request.

Karma System

What is Karma?

Karma is a way of rewarding other PES Fans for their posts. If a users post helps you or is in some way useful you can reward that user by clicking the scales icon in their post.

When to give Karma

Karma should be awarded for users posting things such as: News, Hints and Tips, Downloads or even good goals in the gallery. Abuse of the Karma system will result in a booking.
Please use it only to acknowledge someone for a worthy post.

What does Karma do for me?

As your Karma increases and your popularity in the forum increases then other options will become available to you. Users with high Karma are often respected users within the community and will find themselves being offered more PES Fan gifts. Referees are often chosen based upon users Karma ratings and reputations.

Posting News

To post a news item all you have to do is post an item in the News and updates Forum. This news item will then be moderated by a referee and if it is a worthy news item it will appear on the front of the site shortly.

Special items in news posts.

You can use the [source] vb code tags to add a source which will link to another web site where the source has come from. This is to enable users from other web sites to gain credit and links from pesfan back to their original news.


You can attach images to your nes posts and these will appear as thumbnails on the homepage. Images must be of a limited size.

Post Icons.

If you don't have an image you can select one of the special post icons and it will attach a related thumbnail to your news item. Posting of news items will be awarded with Karma and reputation.

Goal Gallery

You can post your goals into the Goal Gallery. Goals must be in the following format: MPEG, MPG, AVI or WMV, and under 1M in size.

Once submitted, goals will be moderated before they appear.
NOTE: Due to limited space, we hand pick the goals that appear in the gallery and not all goals will automatically appear. If yours doesn't appear please don't keep retrying: send another better goal in instead. We may remove any goals at any time to make way for new ones.

You may not post in the GOTM gallery.

Please submit your goals into the correct category and PES-only movies. All fields must be filled in.
Anyone abusing the system will be cautioned.

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