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    PES 2014: PC Beta 11 vs 11

    We're proud to announce that there will be a PES 2014 BETA, looking at the 11 vs 11 demo for the first 1,000 sign ups - and we're even prouder to announce that you can sign up for it on this site.

    Head on over to www.pesfan.com/pcbeta to sign up - but be aware that places are extremely limited and this is a global launch... 1,000 places will go fast and this is strictly on a first come, first served basis!

    Let us know if you're one of the lucky people that manages to get in to the BETA in the comments below.

    note: You don't need to own the game already.
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    Hi mate, the link comes up invalid for me. Would love to sign up

    EDIT : Sorted it now. Went to the News on the front page and clicked the link there
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    How hard can it be for dedicated 2v2 online Konami? Why cant you make the game Co-Op online... it is 2013 and not the year 2000 all over again!
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