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    2017 Feedback & Support

    I play Xbox 360 offline exhibition, tournament, cup.

    Offline features such as team chemistry, player and coach tactic familiarity, would help my football experience.

    I also want auto movement of players so I don't have to move, sprint, and use tricks with the joystick because I want a natural feel to the match. Joysticking them makes me and them look foolish. I want to be able to feel as though I'm part of the team on the field but not a puppet master.

    Perhaps the timing and type of pass and direction will do for me but leave the movement to the player. Let the players perception, decision, execution attributes decide.

    Madden NFL have auto movement in which you can watch and execute plays at a time of your choosing. They also have which plays to make in order of priority and best to next best.

    Fifa Wii console version have All Play.

    Be able to switch from player to coach mode and vice versa in all modes exhibition included.

    Also, text to speech from the commentators for created players and created team.

    I enjoy the theatrics of sport, so anything that will make it more theatrical.

    Green grass, crowd atmosphere, weather, commentators who know their craft and add to the match helps.

    I would like everything from line up, formation, roles, tactics be enabled to be auto filled. I should have what the best setup is based on my team and player ratings and what the best setup is for my team against the team I'm playing.

    During the match a tactic and player performance indicator showing what's good what's bad and what can be done to improve.

    I want the screen to talk to me through graphics and stats, like the radar and player stamina bar does on the screen.

    There should be an explanation why the team got more or less possession or more or less completed passes and why the player got the rating that he did.

    The perfect answer based on the match engine. The better the match engine the better the answer.

    Answers not riddles.

    There should be a coach training tutorial with tests to understand, recognise, and apply correct tactics in different situations much in the way there's a player training tutorial... Have a Be A Coach mode.

    Also, get the views of credible coaches and players both past and current on what formations and tactic instructions they would use.

    Hand them Pes and give them a look at the game and then get their recommendation on the setup based on the terminologies and available instructions in Pes.

    Obvious starting people are the coaches and players that endorse Pes.

    People do eyesight and psychological tests in real life for medical reasons so the player training section should be designed to have an output result of my talent that includes my attributes, play style, position, what tactic and formation I'm suited for based on my test results.

    There should be a download button in the game to download a file containing all real names of teams, players, kits, stadiums, etc. made from perhaps a trusted source like PesFan fixing the stupid licensing issue problem... A radio station pays a commission for music played through the radio station but their's no exclusive right to the music. Madden NFL, Rugby League 3, and Don Bradman's Cricket have it. So can PES because it makes good sense.

    Apart from the technical features I want I also want a dossier on my opponent's before the match in a way that enhances the experience, for example if I'm playing away I'll get a dossier on my opponent's historic football achievements and demographics, culture, landmarks of the city, town, ground.

    Football should be educational as well.

    People play games for different reasons. Peoples strengths and preferences differ. The more the people can experience their own way of football the better.

    All that's needed is enable disable buttons customising match play.



    I think PES have a female issue. Should be females in the crowd as well. And the crowd noise is rough and the same at all grounds. Different places different noise so there should be different noise at different grounds.

    An idea for commentary would be to use those text to speech software packages that may have nice sounding voices and make commentary scripts that way. Being digitised, the script permutations should be a lot more and a lot more insightful, and being able to customise the many sound offerings and many language offerings will please a lot of people.

    The rain should be lot more noticeable and harder or softer depending on the severity. Have a look at the rain in Fifa and Madden NFL.

    I want to be able to edit the grass. The grass now in the game looks stale. Have a look at Fifa Soccer and Madden NFL.

    I want to be able to have a one press button and back to the match after a goal because at the moment I've got to press twice.

    Football is a matter of style. Height, weight, diet, etc. affect style. According to http://expertfootball.com/wp/?p=495

    Pes player styles, Poacher, etc. are interesting. What player styles would be most beneficial for a cautious possession style and what styles for a aggressive counter? The tactic variations are lots but what suits what? Also I've noticed in the player edit screen, the player style is not outputed automatically as the ratings are inputed. I want when I edit player attributes in the edit section the player play style is outputed. The play style is meant to be a description of the player based on the attributes, like saying short, big, fast, strong, midfielder. Also I'd rather have a descriptive word or words of a players style, examples: scorer, creator, holder, presser, crosser, dribbler, marker, tackler, passer, runner. These are action words that players perform and people can identify rather than have to read a legal document of what they do and still have doubts.

    There should be a coach training tutorial with tests to understand, recognise, and apply correct tactics in different situations much in the way there's a player training tutorial... Have a Be A Coach mode.

    PES have not made an attempt to explain what play styles suit what tactics as well. The registered position part should be redefined because there are players that can play more than one position with a "A".

    I think the answer should come from PES because they designed the match engine.

    If there's a place that shows how the manager and player tactic familiarity are arrived at as in MyClub I'd like to be pointed to that page. How does a manager and player get their tactic familiarity, what attributes are used in the formula. Also the tactic familiarity should be displayed in the player profile in the edit section for offline exhibition, tournament and cup.

    I want to be able to create managers and players and give attributes that will determine their tactics in the edit section and playable in all modes, offline, exhibition, etc.

    I want to be able to create referees and give them refereeing attributes in the edit section. Giving referees the best attributes should give the best decisions.

    I want a differentiation in the Tactic Instructions to include propensity for air balls and propensity for ground balls be it high, medium, low, in attack section. Also include a medium propensity with possession and counter and short and long. Rename possession cautious and counter aggressive. In fact include a medium for everything that doesn't have a medium and do away with 1 to 10 sliders and have three options for everything in attack and defense instructions, be it termed High, Medium, Low. Also clarify which players are involved in numbers in attack and defense for few, medium, many.

    Only the best players in the world are able to adapt smoothly to different football tactics. Good players adapt better than average players but a good player could become better given the correct tactic. Consequently, average players can become worse in the wrong tactic.

    There are five things that make or break a player or coach: Technical, Mental, Physical, Tactical, Personality Clashes with other players and coaches. Perhaps PES can include these performance arrows and make the game more interesting... add sauce to the food.

    Trading should be ratings based and not financial. If I have a squad rating of 1725 which is the sum of ratings of all players in my squad, then 1725 should be used for trading. Buying and selling should not be auction based the player can only be traded for his overall playing rating value. Only his interest to play should be the deciding factor. Also his annual wage should be his overall rating. Crowd attendances can be paid in the form of a rating out of 100, as can win, draw, lose payments.

    I had a look through the in game credits and PES being from what I understand a Japanese venture with British help, have a lot of Japanese names in the credits. If one feels somewhat disorientated with the game it maybe because of communication problems, language problems, football philosophical problems. A clash of religions, cultures, ideas causing chaos. Me myself play offline. Exhibition, tournament, cup.

    What I will say is there are things open to interpretation to make it like a casino gambling environment. Whilst I agree games have an element of randomness or luck like the bounce of the ball, shots hitting the woodwork, weather, etc., I feel terminologies should not be a matter of randomness, luck, or open to interpretation.

    The way I console myself as much as I can, I play what's in front, behind, side, top, under, and try not to dig too much and fall into a psychological abyss.

    People play games for different reasons. Peoples strengths and preferences differ. The more the people can experience their own way of football the better. All that's needed is enable disable buttons customising match play.

    The major reason I like PES over FIFA and I didn't buy this years FIFA 2016, is I can create my own team and players and manager and stadium in PES. The licensing and match presentation are not as good as FIFA's but I get a kick out of the creation and edit features and I only play offline, exhibition, tournament and cup. I still want PES to make my experience better with written feedback at PESFAN Forum.

    The way it is now only a graphic designer with a lot of time can edit in the edit section of the game and get the names, kits, etc. the way they like.

    For the majority this isn't the case.

    I don't know how much it costs for the copyright entitlement but there are ways this can be paid such as percentage of sales and or profits or do what Fifa have probably done and paid upfront because they have the money.

    As usual only the rich can prosper from these type of events... Panama Papers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama_Papers an example.

    It's an ethical thing. Example, under Roman law Romans were entitled to kill Jesus and did... whether they should have is an ethical thing.

    The higher a club goes in the league: the higher the attendances, revenues, ticket prices, player wages, transfers. It doesn't have to be about sales as if it's Mortimer and Randolph in the movie Trading Places running the place. From what I know there's a lot people that don't buy PES because of not getting the real deal because of licensing issues, which can be solved with a community section in the game that provides a file download of the real names, etc. Madden NFL, Rugby League 3, and Don Bradman's Cricket have it. So can PES because it makes good sense.

    Football is like theatre. The tools we use to set our own atmosphere and immerse ourselves are limited by the match developers. I remember reading this somewhere on the web that explained the ingredients for setting the stage... "Steven Spielberg in the summer of 1973 was signed up to direct Jaws, the horror film that did for beach holidays what Fatal Attraction did for having an affair. Positioning this film is fairly simple and direct... “When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief, a marine scientist and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it.” You have the characters, the location and the dilemma all rolled into a short description. The same thing is what you’re trying to achieve when positioning your own product, the hook and the premise or feature need to stand out."

    There should be action words and visuals that players perform and people can identify with rather than have to read a legal document of what they do and still have doubts. Descriptions and understandings should be simple as reading a kids story book.

    The point of creating a product or service is to make peoples lives better. People like to do things they are good at, and people like to feel appreciated.

    Perception of a product or service is important for consumer purchase decisions. One of my reasons for playing PES is to pass time and I thank PES for creating their game.

    Though a mechanic doesn't design the product, a mechanic looks at a manual to find the correct parts for the designed product. The immersion time in the game is better than a prison cell with no sunlight for ten years, but the product can improve.

    Games should be challenging, fun, and good developers shorten the learning curve.

    Winners make the rules and losers live by them.

    There's the Process that leads to the Show for people to Participate for the Win.

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    I think getting a freekick against when falling into someone after being tackled is just idiotic. Has happened on many occasions. Even inside the oppositions goal after losing a duel with the goalie I fell into the goal hitting a defender that looked like i killed him and then i got a freekick against me and a yellow card!! That is more important to fix than not being able to switch to coach mode whenever you want to!

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    Online servers are bad PS4!! Very laggy especially team lobby mode please let konami know...!
    'Justice for the 96'

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    Could you please tone down the handicapping/scripting of teams within myclubs as it is ruining many players enjoyment

    It would be nice if we could play games online where results are not predetermined by the game engine and how badly your team is penalised by handicaps.

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    We are all at the mercy of the game designers.

    Winners make the laws and losers live by them.

    These complaints are not new but they are repetitive.

    Bad refereeing decisions may be because the referee is a lower rated referee and like players make bad decisions.

    The match lag maybe because of technical resources such as the isp's or own users internet connection, hardware and software resources of users computer or console,
    lack of dedicated pes servers and or pes server resources.

    The match cheating complaints have been answered in that there was no match cheating or scripting or whatever the word, in the demo, but was installed in the full game version to make it more difficult, which if true, makes a mockery of anthropometric match play. Yes, players play better than expectation and players play worse than expectation, the player performance envelope indicator is the real issue.

    I don't play online and set the match difficulty to regular in offline.

    I haven't bought 2017 because there are features I asked for that are not included.

    At the top of my list is Automovement of players.

    Hence, I play coach mode 9 out of 10 times.

    Also there are no coach tutorials nor answers to tactics in game and no matter how much I scavenge the internet for answers, opinions differ.

    Surely 10+10 still equals 20.

    So for me there's no conclusion.

    No conclusion equals no purchase.

    After so many years people know the theme of Pes.

    Fortunately, people aren't emotionally blackmailed to buy Pes.

    Unfortunately, people are emotionally blackmailed to buy insurance.

    You can try sending your complaints at

    Go to the FAQ and Inquiry section and don't forget to choose your own platform.

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    Thought I'd update my Feedback and Support post.

    These are my major concerns towards purchasing Pes 2018.

    I'm disappointed there's no Assisted play mode like EA Fifa Wii consoles All Play mode.

    It's an advanced mode in which the Left Stick is only used for pass direction and not player movement.

    Basically, the dribble and player movement are disabled (Left Stick) so what you've got is options of when to pass and what type of pass, the weight of the pass, when to shoot and the weight of the shot, a few tricks, example, rainbow flick, twirl, heel trick. You can also change to different players whilst defending with options to tackle, slide, jockey.

    The computer looks after the rest and there's no cursor change that leaves your players standing still and isolated the instant the cursor changes, and because the dribble and player movement are determined by the computer leaving you free to view the rest of the field and players, it feels natural. It's like being a player coach on the field without headaches allowing somebody like me to enjoy the match.

    I'm sure PES know about the feature and I know EA do as they had it in their Wii Console version but they didn't include it in the Xbox Console or Sony Console version and have not replied as to why.

    I still play the Wii version and have a lot of fun. And that's what games should be... fun. My sticking point about the Xbox and Sony console versions from Pes and Ea is that, while they try to replicate real life football, they each have their own philosophy of how football should be played so, therefore, there will always be arguments amongst players.

    I for one am happy with the player and stadium looks and the way players move around the field. Heck, I was happy with the Wii Console versions. I'm only disappointed with how I can play the match. And having an option to turn player movement off, on the Left Stick in the preference section, while keeping pass direction on, would fix my problem.

    What I'd also like as a progression to the Auto Lineup in the tactic section, is to have Auto Formation and Auto Instructions or Auto Tactics. So the computer can do all that for me depending on our opposition.

    What would be cool is to be able to create coaches with appropriate ratings that would correlate with how good the Auto parts are filled. The better the ratings, the better the knowledge, the better the answers. No different to player performance, the better the ratings, the better the performance. What would be another cool feature is to be able to create referees and give them ratings as well.

    I guess I look for the feature side of video games and let the pixel by pixel and match play bugs take care of themselves with updated patches.

    The atmosphere of the event is more important to me than the mechanics.


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